The following repositories are being used by the ViBRANT project.

To check out your own copy of the Scratchpad code, try the following command:


$ git clone[Project]


Please replace [ViBRANT Username] with your username, with spaces removed. E.g. "Simon Rycroft" becomes "SimonRycroft". You will be asked for your password on the command line.

$ git clone https://[ViBRANT Username][Project]

Before push-ing, we also recommend the following:

$ git config --global "[YOUR NAME]"

$ git config --global [YOUR E-MAIL]


Downloads of each of the branches for each of the repositories below are also provided. We recommend using Git over these downloads.


Statistics for the Scratchpads-2.0 Repository are also available, although these are heavily skewed by the fact that S. Rycroft manages the Drupal code and many of the contrib modules.


Project Description Owner Last Change
bionomialbank.git A specialization of the Open... www-data 17 months ago Unnamed repository; edit this... www-data 13 months ago
data.nhm.git Unnamed repository; edit this... www-data 15 months ago
durden.git Durden - The image tiler. www-data 3 years ago
fencedine.git Script used for caching of... www-data 3 years ago
gbif.git GBIF Vocabularies server http... www-data 18 months ago
indices.git M8.10 - Prototype scratchpads... www-data 3 years ago
openstringpool.git Web application providing... www-data 17 months ago
rco.git Repository for the eu-timeshee... www-data 5 weeks ago
refbank.git A repository for bibliographic... www-data 16 months ago
refparse.git Parser for lists of bibliograp... www-data 18 months ago
retweet.git Simple command line Twitter... www-data 10 months ago
scratchpads-2.0.git Drupal 7 & Scratchpads 2.0 www-data 5 hours ago
scratchpads-harvester.git Harvests Scratchpads bibliogra... www-data 17 months ago The Scratchpads website (http... www-data 2 weeks ago
scratchpads.git Scratchapds 1.0 - Original... www-data 8 months ago
screenshots.git Scripts used for generating... www-data 2 years ago
solanaceaesource-2.0.git Solanaceae Source modules... www-data 23 months ago
solanaceaesource.git Solanacesource 2.0 in Drupal... www-data 2 years ago
taxpub2brat.git TaxPub XML to brat standoff... www-data 2 years ago
usagemetrics.git Identifying Audiences of E... www-data 2 years ago
vibrantcorpus.git Marked-up biodiversity literature www-data 17 months ago
wp7datascripts.git Miscellaneous data handling... www-data 12 months ago